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Unlock your cannabis cultivation potential with Designer Geneticz top-quality strains and genetics.

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Adam Lia

“I've used Designer Geneticz cannabis seeds for years and I'm never disappointed with the results.”

Adam Lia


Bringing Designer Strains to the Spotlight.

Our cannabis seeds are carefully bred and selected by expert growers to produce the best strains with consistent quality. Designer marijuana refers to strains of cannabis that have been selectively bred or genetically engineered to enhance specific characteristics such as potency, flavor, or aroma. These strains are often created by crossing different varieties of cannabis or by using genetic modification techniques.

Bringing Designer Strains to the Spotlight

Inspired by Street Culture.

We are a team of passionate cannabis enthusiasts with a deep appreciation for street culture. Our love for the plant and the urban lifestyle has led us to create some of the most unique and sought-after strains in the industry. Our goal is to create strains that not only deliver exceptional quality and potency, but also embody the authentic and raw spirit of street culture. From classic strains with a modern twist to cutting-edge hybrids, our genetics are carefully selected and bred to bring out the best of both worlds.

Inspired by Street Culture

Proven cultivation techniques.

We offer in-depth cultivation resources and guidance to help you achieve success at every stage of your cannabis-growing journey.

Proven cultivation techniques

"Thanks to Designer Geneticz, I was able to grow the best weed I've ever had."

Tim B

Start Growing Today with Designer Geneticz.

Unlock your cannabis cultivation potential with Designer Geneticz.

Designer Geneticz began it's journey into the cannabis industry in Los Angeles, California 2009. We started our cultivation methods with controlled environments producing high grade cannabis by selecting the best phenotypes. A few short years later, we expanded our plant production to some of the world's best climates for growing cannabis, Humboldt County, a place that rests in the heart of the Emerald Triangle. This gave us a better understanding on how our genetics will perform in some of nature's best climates for growing the cannabis plant. Southern Humboldt County is a growing community that produces some of the best cannabis flower on the market and has been doing so for decades.

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